Biomimetics Research Group taking inspirations from nature and using those cues to answer complex biological problems. Biomimetics group imitates nature and transforms the knowledge into new biotechnological products and useful technologies. The ultimate goal of our group is to develop “bio-inspired” technologies and products which have applications in fields ranging from bioengineering to biomedical systems.

Our research group has interdisciplinary research themes in general research areas of biochemistry, biology, materials science and bioengineering;

Tıssue Engıneerıng and Regeneratıve Medıcıne

The generation of “functional” three-dimensional (3D) tissues and organs is still an unmet challenge that needs to be overcome. Our research group employs biomimetic approachesto overcome current difficulties in tissue engineering field. Motivations of this work ranges from basic fundamental questions to bio-based applications; such as understanding biological functions and responses, developing high-throughput drug screening platforms, or producing next generation regenerative medicine technologies.

We develop both scaffold-based and scaffold-free constructs and organoids. Our approach supports the integration of tissue engineering methods with microfabrication techniques leading to “organ-on-a-chip” technologies. Our group  is utilizing the integration and optimization of biomimicking material science with cell biology for highly sophisticated complex experimental platforms. Scope of the work includes, design and development of biomimetic macromolecules as extracellular matrices and scaffolds for biofabrication of 3D tissues.